GTMAT Extreme Lite

GTMAT Extreme Lite is a Polyethylene dampening closed foam that reduces vibrations as well as helps reduce back wave and increase overall acoustic isolation and thermal insulation.

This product is ideal for hot rod builders that want to insulate vehicles form heat and vibration, but without adding amounts of extra weight. Helps prevent road noise, engine noise, exhaust drone and rattles. GTMAT Extreme Lite is also great for improving acoustic performance of audio systems in all ranges from modest to the most extreme!

  • Polyethylene Closed Foam
  • 300mil Thick (8mm)
  • Extremely sticky with a great adhesion to any surface
  • Weighs 1.1 oz per sheet
  • Available in Sheets
  • Stores room temperature of at least 23 degrees Celsius or 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Should not be applied in wet areas or in areas of vehicle that reach temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius or 158 degrees Fahrenheit such as engine bays or transmission tunnels
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