GTMat Quadro

Our fattest mat yet! GTMat Quadro is our 4-Layer foam sound deadening material. This sound deadener is especially effective in floors, trunks, headliners and subwoofer enclosures.

Layer 1 - 3/16" Foam damping Material

This additional layer of damping material helps to reduce back wave and increase overall acoustic isolation and thermal insulation.
Layer 2 - 60 Mil Butyl Layer
This butyl layer absorbs the vibrations of the aluminum layer with which it's in contact. It provides additional damping and decouples the aluminum layer from the foam layer. This layer also provides the bond between the foam and aluminum layers.
Layer 3 - 4 Mil Aluminum Layer
This aluminum constraining layer helps to mold and conform to interior surfaces. Additionally, this layer helps to increase the damping performance of the Butyl Layer as well as reduces undesired vibrations.
Layer 4 - 60 Mil Butyl Layer
This self-adhesive butyl layer absorbs the vibrations of the surface with which it's in contact. It provides damping and decouples the contact layer (IE: Metal, Wood, etc...) from the aluminum layer.

  • Self Adheisve
  • Available in Sheets
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