1 Gallon Dead Stop Liquid Damp with 52 SqFT Dead Stop 80mil Black Aluminum Butyl Combo Kit

Dead Stop Sound Deadener

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This Complete  1 Gallon Dead Stop Liquid Damp with 52 SQ FT DEAD STOP 80 Mil Black Butyl Sound Deadener Package Includes the Following:
  • 52sqft of DEAD STOP 80mil Black Butyl Sound Deadener
  • 1 Gallon Dead Stop Liquid Damp
  • Pair Black Latex Gloves
  • 1 - Wooden Brush
  • 1 - Wooden Application Roller
  • 1 - Ultlity Knife
  • 1 - Degreaser
  • Instructions
  • Easy to follow Installation Instructions
  • Toll Free Tech Support
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Dead Stop Sound Deadener is a self adhesive butyl rubber mat. With peel and stick design, it is pliable and very easy to cut with a utility knife. Dead Stop Sound Deadener has the same properties as other major brands but at a third of the cost. It's a great way to sound dampen your vehicle at a very reasonable price.

The benefits of Dead Stop Liquid Sound Deadener compared to melt sheet pad systems are loud and clear: easy application with spray, brush or towel, no expensive inventory to incur, less material weight. Many manufacturers find that our Dead Stop Liquid Sound Deadener solutions help enhance their products and improve performance in the marketplace. 

Coverage Area: 
50-75 SQFT Depending on layers applied and how evenly.  

Areas this product can be applied:
 Roof, Floors, Trunk, Doors, Trunk Lids, Sub woofer Boxes & License Plates  

Zero VOC Water based formula that is non-toxic and cleans up with water Can be sprayed or brushed directly from the drum without thinning


  • Impressive Bass Improvement
  • Increases Amplifier Power
  • High-Temp Superior Adhesion
  • Stop Unwanted Noise, Rattles, Vibrations
  • Reduce Distortion
  • Reduce Exhaust and Engine Noise
  • Lower Heat temperatures
  • Gain Insulation in your Vehicle
  • Easy Application
  • Flexible, Pliable, Malleable
  • Overlap Layers for Additional Vibration Dampening
  • Use Anywhere - Doors, Trunks, Side Panels, Hoods, Roofs, Firewalls, Floors Paintable Surface
  • Adheres to Most Any Surface Instantly
  • Sound AND Heat Insulation
  • Gain DB (decibels) & SPL(sound pressure level)
  • Low Cost Solution

All DEAD STOP SOUND DEADENER Is In Stock and Ships out within 24 hrs.

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